Monday, March 4, 2013

Last swimming lesson for winter

No, they didn't pass. Q6 is still in beginners 3, and C8 is still in advanced beginners. They were bummed, but I just keep reminding them of how long I spent in beginners and advanced beginners (years!) they don't feel so bad. And I can see the progress they are making.

2013-02-23 11.20.03 Q6 swimming Crawl 2013-02-23 11.39.54 C8 in pool

C8 is doing great with her diving (crappy video follows, but her dive was good), her breast stroke, but needs work on the crawl.  I had a hard time seeing what they were doing because they usually swam on the other side of the pool. But C8 does a great job retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool. They had a contest of sorts, once, where three of the kids in the lesson were on one team, and she was the sole person on the other team. Each team had to retrieve 5 objects from the bottom of the pool. C8 won that game.

And Q6 is great at the breast stroke, and even got the legs motion right, about which the teachers seemed thrilled. But her crawl is difficult since her body sinks. And while she is trying to turn her head to the side to breath, she has to doggie paddle to stay afloat while she breaths, because her back end sinks. They just started working on diving, which is fun, but scary for the new diver!

Next session starts in a few weeks ...

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