Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

And a big thanks to the children and C43 for remembering me. C43 bought me a new kitchen scale at my request (because the last one pooped out after too many batches of bread). And the girls made me lots of stuff ... Paper flowers in vases, cards, poems. They filled their books with puzzles for me. A couple of years ago we bought two small books for them to write/draw in whenever there was a holiday like Mother's day or my birthday. Q7 and I have also corresponded in it. So pictures and drawings are in one place. And Q7 insisted that C43 make me a scrambled egg (yum) which he did, with toast. And Q7 ate all of the toast.

2013-05-12 07.07.58

Then we took a picture! Well, this is actually the 2nd. I was wearing glasses for the first and the girls suggested I take them off so I look like me.

2013-05-12 07.11.07

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