Wednesday, May 8, 2013

You lost what?

We lost Q7's nightgown that I made her. I have no idea how or where. Obviously, or we'd have it now, right? So I had to make her another. Which I did. Although I didn't have any pillowcases that were old enough/ not tattered enough to use. So I just used fabric I had. And it looks more like a dress than a night gown, but what the heck.

So, of course I had to make C8 another nightgown. This one looks more nightgowny. I got to use an old bedsheet for this one, so it has a lovely little sheer stripe at the bottom.


And, waaaay back in January or February when C8 had lice I threw away her hot pack, and made her a new one a month or two ago. So of course I had to make Q7 one. C8's is the patchwork one, Q7's is the owl one. Both are slip-covered, and you can wash those babies up so they are not so gross. Although I'm realizing now I forgot to put in lavender with the rice. Oh, well. They are particularly good because they are sectioned and just the right size. Our last ones were too big and floppy (C8s and Q7s) and too small (mine). Now we only have mine to make left ...


All the fabrics came from the last project I did, the fabric alphabet I made for S1, fabric donated from friends and neighbors. That fabric alphabet was a good project. I should make up tutorials for these projects because they are quick and so satisfying to complete!

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