Sunday, June 30, 2013

Favorite Rides

My favorite ride at French Broad River Dude Ranch was the gallop or canter up the mountain. Freaky scary fast exhilarating. I didn't fall off (which was very good). I had to try out to make sure I could do it. I just passed, and I'm so glad I did. It was very fun to race up the mountain. Princess was more than happy to gallop up the mountain. No pictures of me doing that, of course, since the rest of the family was on a different ride, and anybody riding with us could NOT have taken a picture and lived to tell the tale.

Now, C44's favorite ride was the white trail, because it had a great view, and it was a nice ride with Q7. I also enjoyed that ride, but I did it when everybody else was doing the tubing. But   the cattle drive was also a favorite because he was riding Mars instead of Barron. Barron went at his own slow pace. Mars was more spirited and C44 was able to ride back and forth a bit more. There are, of course, no pictures of C44 on the cattle drive, since he was taking the pictures. Here is Q7 on the cattle drive, though.

Q7 on the cattle drive

My favorite ride for C8 was at the Kids Rodeo. She -- like Q7 -- rode Faith through cones, and did a few other things ... this was the last race:

She was SCARED! As you can hear! But, she stayed on!

I'm also not sure what Q7's favorite ride was, but here she is at the cattle penning. And yes, I'm sorry, I'm a horrible videographer. You see the ground and the horses legs as much as Q7. Possibly more.

Fabulous time (C8, Q7, and Wrangler Mel)
Girls and Mel

Fabulous horses (here is Love, Princess, and Charlie and Destiny)

Love Princess Charlie, Destiny, and Q7

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