Friday, June 28, 2013

On Horses

Most of what you do at the dude ranch is two rides a day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon (unless you opt to do a tubing or a white water rafting ride on certain days .... breaks up the horsey monotony) and then some evening activity ... including cow penning, square dancing, music, and the kids rodeo. But two rides a day was really enough. But they change it up between trail rides and moving cows, so it wasn't boring.

That plus and just saddling up, cooling down, and giving treats to horses was enough to make nearly anybody pretty comfortable around horses. These guys are Arabians, they weren't so big (I mean, big enough, but not intimidating big). But if you ever didn't know where Q7 was ... all you had to do was look out at the stables or pastures and you'd pretty much be assured of finding her.

C8 and Faith or Echo

Q7 and Charlie Q7 and Lightening

C8 and Echo

C8 and a brown horse

Everybody was expected to collect their own horse from the pasture and saddle him/her (you learn how in HRS:101). This is all well and good for adult-sized people, but for the 7-8-9 year olds they did get help lifting that saddle over their heads and onto the backs of the horses. It was actually quite amusing to watch Q7 attempt to spin around and lift the saddle onto Lightning's back.

There was also plenty of waiting around time, during which we got some family photos.

Here, C8 wouldn't wear her cowboy hat.

Cousins and Grandparents

Q7 playing in the hay:
Q7 in the Hay

With Ninoo:
Ninoo and girls

And ... I think this was at the cow penning. C8 did this last year, but chose not to this year because Faith (the horse available for her to ride at the cattle penning) "doesn't move" she said. More on that at the Kids Rodeo ...
C8 reading

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