Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cousin Camp (last full day) - Wednesday

The last full day of cousin camp.  Boooooooo!

They made tons and tons of melty bead things to sell (not this trip, thankfully, will we have a melty bead thing sale) in the morning and after lunch we took a bike ride. This bike ride was much to the distress of C8, who cried and whined and moaned and complained for a long long time (despite being ignored) until I just yelled the heck at her. After that she shaped up.

But K9  & Q7 were exited and happy to go. As was I. We were often waiting for C8 to catch up to us. First, because she was walking her bike (if it wasn't perfectly level she wasn't on the bike) although I demanded that she get on the bike and enjoy herself. Second, because she is just very cautious. Which doesn't lend itself to fast bike riding. It is a little strange, because last year she was all speed crazy. The video is all wobbly b/c I kept looking backwards to get C8 to get going. I love the little Ka-Chunk noise her bike is making right now (but I would hate it if it were on my bike!). Does she remind you a little bit of Miss Gulch?

We biked 3 miles round trip, not far, but to a play ground and back.
2013-08-07 14.37.57
And an ice cream truck was at Magruder, so we stopped an had some. K9 and C8 ate their ice cream fairly quickly, but Q7 had a giant popsicle that melted all over the place, including her face, her arm, and my foot.

2013-08-07 15.03.57

To continue our "New water adventure every day" theme, they begged to go to Hamilton Splash Park. I did not want to go, but it was nice. Not crowded, not loud, the water was clear, not cloudy, and it was chilly. And it had lots of stuff to do.

Here is C8 getting eaten by a hippo while Q7 and K9 cheer the hippo on:
C8 being eaten by hippo

C8 & K9 on the alligator, and Q7 on the hippo at the end of the visit:
C8 and K9 on alligator Q7 on the hippo

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