Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cousin Camp - Tuesday

Tuesday was filled with lots of different things, we didn't have a coherent plan

A visit to the library  (here is the evidence; they spent the next hour sitting and reading.):

IMAG1235 IMAG1232

We made cake ... well, I let them decorate a layer of cake that I didn't put on my birthday cake and let them decorate it with leftover frosting and sprinkles and toppings ... K9 ate hers up, C8 almost finished hers but not quite, Q7 who had a HUGE lunch ate about half and then threw up.

We attempted go to the fountain in University Town Center, but it was OFF. Boo. So we headed toward a visit to Brentwood Park and the spray frog and the park. On the way there we passed the pool, which was virtually empty, so I suggested we go there b/c it would be warm and we'd have the pool to ourselves ... one vote yes, one vote no, and one ditherer who wanted to make both girls happy but couldn't figure out how to do that. In the end we went to the park:


Piano lessons ... turns out our piano teacher is taking a full-time music director position and won't be able to continue as our music teacher. So, we need to find a new piano teacher/teachers.

And the National Night Out celebration in Hyattsville. They did the bouncy castle (much too crowded. They let about 15 kids in at a time! Yikes. And little 2 year olds with the big 9 year olds! I was freaking out. K9 C8 and Q7 left after about a minute because it was too crowded), the bouncy slide (also quite crowded, but the went up and down it about 5 times), and the harness things. We waited about an HOUR in line for these things, but the girls said they were worth it.


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