Sunday, March 30, 2014

4th annual talent show

We were surprised when C9 said she wasn't going to do the talent show this year. And we were just as surprised to find out the Q7 WAS going to do the talent show. So, at least there was representation from the family. Thank goodness.

Initially C7 and H8 were going to bring Lucy in and have Lucy Dog do tricks. It would have been fun. Except that bringing the dog into the school resulted in a shaky-freaked out dog who wouldn't perform. So, that idea was scrapped.

Luckily, another friend, J7 had an idea, so H8, J7, and Q7 decided to sing "Cloud 9."

Now, the day of the talent show H8 got sick in the classroom (threw up before the poetry slam! Had to leave before the pioneer lunch was over), and although she valiantly tried to come to the talent show to participate, she could not. So, the amazing S7 stepped in. S7 was doing her own act later in the show, and had basically memorized Q, J, and H's act. Awesome. She was a superstar.

Unlike a lot of the youngsters singing in the talent show, they didn't lip sync, they didn't have a singer behind them, they didn't even have music. They weren't scared at all. In fact, their a capella version of "Cloud 9" was great. Says I, the mom.

Here they are ... Snow Globe III!

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