Thursday, March 27, 2014

Poetry Slam

Wednesday night Q7 was all aflutter. There were 3 big things happening in school the next day, one of which was the poetry slam in her classroom. Q7's teacher is innovative and awesome, and has them all doing interesting and great things; I've become more and more impressed with her over the year.

Q7 invited C44 to go to the poetry slam, but he wasn't able to. He mentioned it to me (the uninvited) and I decided I could make it, and I am so glad I did; it was fantastic. All of the kids got up to recite, no matter their comfort level. There was one boy who was reciting a poem in English for the first time. He's very new to the classroom. The rest of the kids wrote their own poems and either read them or recited them from memory. A few wrote two. I heard a lot of poems about minecraft from the boys. One about pizza. One about a lovely little sister. One about a dolphin. One about a cousin.

The variety was great. Q's were awesome, and she is a ham. Right after I cut off the camera she was cracking jokes about how long it was taking for the next girl to get up to take the microphone. No stage fright there.

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