Monday, April 14, 2014


Charlotte was lovely. J & C live on a stream. that the girls were old enough to really really enjoy. I think they spent a few hours down there. That is really what they wanted to do. I don't have a picture of them down there, because I was enjoying the screen porch too much to walk through the forested area to go see them. Until ONE of them hid the OTHER of them's shoes, so she couldn't walk back. Then I did have to go down there. But for the most part, they loved the little stream.

Monday we went out to a raptor center in Charlotte. Charlotte really is sprawling; it took 40 mintues to get there! And through rural areas! We saw all sorts of raptors, owls, vultures, eagles ...

J at the raptor center. I love this photo. He's just the right height. We all did this, but J did it best.
Charlotte J at Raptor Center

Q was really ready to go HOME home while we were at the raptor center, partly because she was hungry (it was around noon, and school lunch is around 11) and partly because she just was ready to be home. This was actually her best trip yet, I was very pleased with her ability to go from house to house and have no problems falling asleep at all.  But because of her attitude, and the fact that her birthday was the next day, I started organizing a surprise party for the next day while at the raptor center. Thank you smart phones!!!! More on that coming up.

Last photo at the raptor center. I love this picture.

Charlotte at Raptor Center C9 & Q7

But we went to Panera Bread for lunch at Q7's request, since she had gone with H8 sor H8's birthday celebration in Baltimore. Q7 really wanted me to get the broccoli-cheddar soup (which she kept thinking was cauliflower-cheddar), which was, I admit, delicious. And she got it, too. And C9 got mac & cheese. Also apparently delicious. So delicous that C9 thanked the staff for making such delicous food.

Then we hit a Ben & Jerry's for dessert. Mmmmmm. Mocha chip. I can't recall what anybody else got because mine was the best.

Later that night we celebrated Q7's birthday once again, with a delicious frozen yogurt cake. This is the last picture we have of Q7 ... everything after this is Q8~

Charlotte Q7 Cake

We had such a good time with J & C, it was relaxed and wonderful. Thank you!!!

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