Monday, July 21, 2014

Lake Winnipesaukee - Girl pictures!!

So, the week of July 19 to July 25 we headed to Wolfsboro on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH. G38 kept telling us that What about Bob was filmed there. Well, it wasn't, but it was SET there. And I can see why. The town was super cute, Wolfsboro bay was fantastic, and all in all it was a great place. Our house was just about 1/4 mile from the center of town, so the big girls (K10, C9, Q8) could walk there by themselves. Which was cool for them. They could go do things: shop, eat candy, go to the library, without us. Always nice.

These are the best of the silly girls photos.

2014-07-22 18.28.32  2014-07-21 15.57.30
2014-07-25 11.29.34
2014-07-25 19.53.16

2014-07-21 15.14.57

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