Monday, September 22, 2014

Walking to the library

I've read that at 10 years old children are mentally mature enough to make the right decisions to cross streets, and that before that they really aren't capable of always making the right decisions. So C10 turned 10 at the beginning of the month, and I figured I already let her walk the neighborhood by herself (small streets to cross, but nothing major), so I'd let her walk wherever she wanted once she hit 10, including crossing bigger streets by herself.

So. The library called and left a message that said that one of her holds was in. It was 4:30, but I told C10 that she could walk the mile to the library and get her book if she wanted. She did. She changed, gathered up her stuff, and left. Just like that.

FREEEEEAK OUUUUUT. She had to cross 410 (East-West Highway) at Adelphi Road at rush hour. Which, at that point, is three lanes each way. Did I say rush hour?

I emailed the mom's listserv in town for support, and got multiple emails back. And I posted something on facebook.

Then I got the text from the library saying she'd checked out a book. Which told me she'd gotten there safely. So I relaxed and knew she could get home. Then a friend emailed and said she'd seen her at he library. Then a friend CALLED and said C had crossed right in front of her on 410, and did beautifully. And then the facebook posts started, and kept coming as people who didn't even know her saw her (She wearing a blue & white dress? I saw her, she did great!!). I think the whole neighborhood saw her.  It was fantastic. No worries. We live not just in the city of Hyattsville, but one of those villages people keep talking about. Really.

Here she is all proud after making it home.

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