Thursday, October 30, 2014

Arts Festival & Spaghetti Supper

Q8 has been going to chorus every Monday morning at 7 am. I guess she likes it! I couldn't tell from some of these photos, but it is dedication to leave at 6:45 am.

Their new music teacher, Mr. W,  is great. I'm iimpressed with the program in the arts in general. We have 1.5 music teachers and an instrumental teacher and an art teacher. Not enough recess, but that's another problem. Anyway, Mr. W has got them singing really good songs. Like Three Little Birds by Bob Marley:

and what I call the Car Song ... or I have a Car. Whatever the real title is, it is a fun one:

And their last song, I'm a Believer by the Monkees:

See, good stuff!

Then later in the program Q8 & H8 played The Juggler. This from both girls who quit piano.

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