Saturday, January 24, 2015

Baking messes

These girls get together and make a mess. All the time. Today I told Q8 & C10 that they could do anything at all. Anything they wanted, provided they cleaned their rooms and brushed their teeth & hair. That done, they had free rein.

First, K8 came over. Then the cookie dough eating started. Every half hour they came down for a spoonful. They they all had popsicles. In between the cookie dough and popsicles they played video games on devices and computer, all on C10's bed. They put a shirt on the dog.

And this afternoon they decided to make cookies, Q8's special recipe to be specific. And then put it in the fridge to firm up before rolling in sugar. So THEN they took the rest of the chocolate chip cookie dough that C10 made yesterday and baked THOSE.

2015-01-24 15.14.33 2015-01-24 15.14.26

Yup. It is a sticky mess here.

And it reminded me of the last time they wanted to make something ... sugar shapes. So nasty. But they had a great time doing this.

2014-12-30 10.38.15 2014-12-30 10.38.21
2014-12-30 10.52.20

There was sugar EVERYWHERE. They let them dry outside. And were going to put them on the mini-cheesecakes we made for New Year's Eve. But I tossed them all before that had to happen. 

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