Sunday, April 26, 2015

Baltimore Weekend - SUNDAY morning

SO, Sunday morning came and Q9 tried to watch more TV. But we both agreed that all the shows on were REEEEEEEALLY bad. So we headed out to Miss Shirley's for breakfast.

On the way there we ran into some giant musical instruments. They were really cool.

 2015-04-26 C10 at horn 2015-04-26 C10 Music

And a merry-go-round ... Q9 went around this a lot ... and fell off a few times, too.

2015-04-26 Merry Go Round

You don't get merry-go-rounds on all the playgrounds anymore. You just don't. So this was tons of fun.
Eventually we had to keep walking, which included a walk on a sidewalk that contained a lot of homophones. Like this one.

2015-04-26 Write Rite Right

We did get there eventually, after wandering around a bit. The place was packed, but we had about a 1 minute wait, which was fantastic. When we left all the waiting room was filled to capacity and spilling outside.

2015-04-26 Q9 C45 Miss Shirley's

Breakfast was good. I had sweet potato fries and bacon. C45 had a veggie sandwich, the girls had wafles and pancakes. I got to eat their sides of scambled eggs. Terrific! When we were done we had thought we'd head out to the Farmer's Market in Baltimore, I'd heard it was an excellent farmer's market. C45 thought that Ft. McHenry sounded like a good idea, so that was on the table, too. But Q9 had been reading the Baltimore book of things to do in the hotel room and she wanted to go to Ripley's Believe It or Not!!!

So ... we did.

2015-04-26 Q9 looking 2015-04-26 C10 Ribpley Believe it or not ball

I think it wasn't something that C45 & I would have CHOSEN to do, but it was fun. I'm going to post the pictures of some of the things the kids loved.

Q9 with a giant rotating penny made of pennies.
2015-04-26 Q9 Penny Head 2015-04-26 Q9 Penny Tails

C10 in the habitrail and with a wooden sculpture
2015-04-26 C10 Habitrail 2015-04-26 C10 wood thing

This is a wooden egg collection and a picture made out of words:
2015-04-26 Q9 eggs

I don't know if this is a dragon or the loch ness monster. Chessie of the Chesapeake Bay, maybe??
2015-04-26 Q9 and LNM

The last thing before the end of the museum and the mirror maze began:
2015-04-26 Q9 colorful

And a video of it.

Then out of the mueum and into the mirror maze. You had to wear plastic gloves to keep from marking up the mirrors with your finger oils. We went through twice. And fun house mirrors which Q9 loved.

2015-04-26 Hall of mirrors 2015-04-26 Q9 mirrors

Once we left we had a little time before we needed to leave for C10's piano recital. So we went to a store called "IT'S SUGAR" which contained giant versions of candy. So, giant peeps, giant boxes of nerds, giant rolls of giant sweet tarts .... that sort of thing. I swear we spent 45 minutes in there deciding what to buy. And Q9 wanted a picture of her with her pick-a-mix bag of candy. Here it is.

2015-04-26 Q9 Bag o Candy

Two final photos. C10 wanted a photo of the giant Barnes and Noble bookstore (we didn't go in) and Q9 wanted a photo with the lighthouse. Nice. I could accommodate BOTH of those wishes.

2015-04-26 C10 and B&N 2015-04-26 Q9 and lighthhouse

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