Saturday, April 25, 2015

Baltimore weekend - SATURDAY night

Undoubtedly you've heard of the protests and riots and general unrest that is happening in Baltimore by now. In fact, the girls' school system cancelled all school trips to Baltimore this week (yep. And Q9 was going to Port Discovery on Thursday. That isn't happening now.)

But Saturday we headed to Baltimore to go to a baseball game and spend the night at the Hilton Garden Inn, thanks to our good friend E. After 40 minutes of annoying behavior in the car, we finally got there! Yahoo! We had a little time to Q9 enjoyed the cable and spent her time watching Dog with a Blog until it was time to go for dinner at this interesting place called Family Meal on Pier 4. The food was good enough, and everybody was happy with their meals, although I don't think I'd go back again.

Headed out to the ball game. We headed down to the stadium passing a waterfall complex which completely enamoured the girls.

2015-04-25 Q9 at the fountain 2015-04-25 C10 and Q9 fountain

They ran  up and down the stairs and all over while C45 attempted to get us to head to the Camden Yards in a timely fashion.

We finally left the fountain and realized that protests were going on. They had completely brought traffic into the city to a halt. The cars were stuck.  The girls were interested, I said we could join the protest on the way home if they were still there. We decided to avoid the kerfuffle, however, as there were murmurrings going on Somebody and we took another route to the stadium, behind the main street. A wise choice, actually. That plus we saw this sculpture/bike rack? and had to make it ours:

2015-04-25 Q9 Bike

And while walking to the back entrance of the stadium we officially recanted my promise to join the protest as police in riot gear drew up and cops on horses in formation rode by.

But, we made it into the stadium. Dippin' Dots were had by C10 & Q9. They were more delicious than i remembered; I think the last time I had them they must of been freezer burnt. These tasted yummy. And they stuck on your tongue nicely.

2015-04-25 Q9 Dippin Dots 2015-04-25 C10 Dippin Dots

The girls froze during the game, which Red Sox lost to the O's, because neither of the had dressed properly. Oh, well. We agreed to leave at the 7th inning stretch, which was difficult for C45 at the time, since the Sox had just tied it up, but it turned out to be a good thing. Just after we left an announcement was made that after the game people were NOT to leave the stadium until the police let them out. Ah ... right. So, being locked in Camden Yards would have made me MORE nervous than being outside of Camden Yards.

We managed to skirt all violence on the way back to the hotel and got back safely, put everybody to bed, and started thinking about what to do Sunday.

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