Saturday, April 18, 2015

Q9 ... birthday time!

Quickie post, Q9 had a birthday and she is Q8 no longer. She is taller, smarter, faster. Good going, girl!!!

She woke on the 15th to a pile of presents and a cupcake for breakfast.

2015-04-15 06.05.15 2015-04-15 06.05.23

2015-04-15 06.04.33

She had a party on the 18th, 3 girls spent the night, sleepover party, lots of jumping on the trampoline and running around outside, eating pizza and a very sloppy cake. There was a parade (Hyattsville day!) and fireworks (for her birthday, of course ... I mean, for Hyattsville day!). Good all around.

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