Sunday, August 16, 2015

And ... some other stuff we did this August Part 1 of 2

We did a few other things this August. I didn't take any photos of the Newseum, but that was fun, and we did this "be a TV news reporter" but I can't find the videos. So, here is some of the other stuff

Six Flags America

2015-08-12 13.23.44

We barely got any photos of this, just because we were busy on rides. C10, Q9 and I went with K9 and her brother H12. We did rides and the water park. I lost the kids a few times. Q9 got kicked on the waterslide by another (very apologetic) patron. C10 waited in the wrong line for funnel cake and had to get in a second line after that. I rode the Mind Eraser roller coaster (a dangley coaster) and swear I got a little concussion it was so rough. I won't be doing that again. We rode a giant  tube waterslide. We got soaked on a log-flume type ride, especially the two folks who DIDN'T ride the flume ride and stood on the bridge over the ride. Q9 got, I quote, "kicked in the face by the water."


We also took the dog around town. To the fountain, although there are no pictures of here here, she is at my feet, and was tortured a bit by girls dragging her into the fountain.

2015-07-08 16.21.012015-07-08 16.19.32

We took her to the duckpond. Here she is being carried around against her will.
2015-08-07 15.16.25

We took her to the Aroboretum. She did enjoy this.

We did things inside, like make playdough and play some weird games.



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