Friday, August 21, 2015

More stuff we did .... Part 2 of 2

And here is the rest of the stuff ... ok, just some additional stuff.

We had an outdoor fire (no pictures) and played wiffle ball. Q9 and I camped out ... we brought out about 1,000 pillow, a feather bed, and blankies. It was lovely.

Here is the tent:

And here is Q9 faking being asleep so we could get a picture:

We played "Meee in the buck-et" which involved a very sing-songy rendition of "Meee in the buck-et!" and various people in buckets. Including me. But nobody thought to take a picture of me in the bucket, so, so sorry! But since inventing the "Me in the bucket" game I have to say it has come up a few more times ... because it is just fun to sit in a bucket.




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