Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Back to School Night - MIDDLE SCHOOL

Middle School. 

Yes. C11 is in MIDDLE SCHOOL. 
I got nothing to share except she's got a locker now. Pretty cool.

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Oh, yeah, and we all leave the house before she does, she gets there without anybody telling her to leave, etc. etc. She had a minor run in with a science teacher who refused to call her by her name. Here's how it went down:

The grade roll was called on Monday and C11 was called as E C R. (the grade roll has her as E C R ... all names spelled out). C11 told me (ok, actually her best friend M11 told me when we were on the way to ClimbZone) what happened, that the teacher was calling her E11. Obviously not a big deal, because her first name is E. So C11 said to Ms. L. "Can you please call me C11, because that is my middle name and that is what I go by."

Ms. L responded by saying no, she would not call C11 C11, she would call her E11, because that was her "real name."

Uh oh.

C11 started to protest, but thought better of it, controlled her natural impulses, and stopped talking. M11 reported this all to me and told me "how proud" she was of C11 for doing that. THAT warms my heart. Seriously. M11 is the best friend ever.

C11 was called E11 all week, and I found out about it on Saturday. I emailed the teacher and wrote this (Despite my indignation and being incensed, I was seriously non-confrontational): 

Hi Ms. L.,  I  understand there has been some confusion about our daughter's name. We wanted to let you know that our daughter goes by her middle name, C11, not her first name, E11, and has since birth. 
M. E. L.
T. C. R.

Ms. L wrote back:  "The attendance rooster has her legal name documented as E11. That was the appropriate call during attendance." That and only that. No salutation. No valediction. No indication that she might have been wrong.

And, SURE, it was appropriate to call C11 E11, the FIRST time. But not the 4 days after that.  Anyway, I contacted the principal, and he talked with the teacher. And C11 is now being called C11.

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