Friday, September 11, 2015

Safety Patrol Update

This week Q9 has been a little bit physically compromised. She has this dry, whooping, painful-sounding cough -- sometimes. And her stomach has been hurting. But no fever, nothing that would scream SICK! STAY HOME. Just kind of enough to want to stay home.

Except for the fact of safety patrol.

Twice this week now I've told Q9 she could stay home, but she didn't. Because, in part, of safety patrol. She was/is concerned about being dismissed from the patrol if she is sick. Because who will look after the kindergarteners?

So this morning I wasn't sure if she was going or not and I wrote to the teacher who supervises the program, and the teacher whose class Q9 works with.

I wrote this:

Hello, Mr. H and Ms. E,

Q9 loves being in safety patrol, thank you. She showed me your classroom, Ms. E, on back to school night.

Q9 may be staying home today because she is not feeling well, but she is rather worried about not being there for the kindergarteners, and also about possibly losing her spot in safety patrol.

I assured her that if she is sick she can't be expected to go in, but I figured I'd better check with you, Mr. H, on that. You may want to assure the kids that they are not going to be chucked out of safety patrol for missing a day of school?

Thanks again for everything,

E L (Q9's mother)

And got back this lovely note:

Hi Ms. L.

I'm so sorry to hear that shes not feeling well! Please tell Quinlan that she is an amazing safety patrol and we are so lucky to have her! Please reassure her that the kindergartners will be just fine today, though we will miss having her here we want her to get better so she can be healthy next week and every other week after that! :)

Thanks so much! 

Ms. E

Crisis averted!

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