Saturday, January 30, 2016

After a week of snow

You may have heard that last week the DC area got the biggest dump of snow in one go in about 78 years. Or was it 125 years? I don't know, it was a LOT.  About 27 inches in H'ville. And YES. I KNOW. We could have handled this better, according to Minnesota and lots of other places that deal with snow on a regular basis.

But let me say that we have a highly dense population (lots of cars park on the street), sidewalks, little snow infrastructure. I think we did OK. We just don't have the plows or the place to put the snow. When there is only 3 feet between the street and the sidewalk (TOPS. Many places it is zero feet) and there are cars parked on the streets everywhere (because that is where you park!) we did OK. Yes, I would have liked the kids to have gotten back to school on Wednesday. But, really, we did ok. My office was closed through Tuesday, open Wednesday, back to a delayed opening on Thursday, because I guess the early commute on Wednesday was a bear. Normal on Friday. And kids back in school ... please god ... Monday.

So, that all aside, we had different kids over on different days when I telecommuted, and other parents went to work. One of the days S9 and Q9 made cupcakes with the goal of donating them to the children's hospital. I told the I was NOT driving to the children's hospital to donate them, but S9's mom could if she wanted to. She declined. I'm guessing there was no parking, anyway, just piles of snow. So I suggested the fire department, the police department, and DPW.

We hit all those places. Most of the firefighters were out, but the guy who answered the door said thank you, accepted the cupcakes and come back later so you can look at the firetrucks if you want (sweet!), the police station was busy, but they accepted the treats. But in the end, we were too late in the day, and DPW was closed. Oh well, you guys who have been working the hardest missed out on some lovely cupcakes. Next time.

2016-01-29 16.13.12

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