Monday, January 18, 2016

Martin Luther King Day trip to Massachusetts

This was a quickie trip. Very quickie. I think Q and I were at K and T's house for under 48 hours. We got there around lunchtime Saturday, and left after breakfast on Monday to take T to work.

So, I asked both girls if they wanted to go with me to see K, T, and J10. Q9 said yes, and that was that. C11 said, no, then changed to yes, then switched back to no. Then when she heard we'd be watching a football game while there ... she realized she'd made the right decision.

So. Q9 and I drove up Saturday morning. It was cold, but no traffic. We got there, they had lunch -- including a roasted chicken! which C11 has identified as my favorite food -- for us. Then we went bowling.

This was Q9's first time Candlepin bowling. We all were pretty bad! But fun fun fun!

2016-01-16 14.18.00

And later we watched the Patriots beat some other team. Not sure who they were now, I've forgotten, but they had white pants on which we all agreed was a fashion faux pas for the team.

Sunday we decided to go to the Connecticut Science Museum. This was a GREAT museum. But don't go see the 3-D robots movie. It was ... dull enough to allow me to have a 20 minute nap.

But lots of it was great. We did THIS stuff:

Use air to move a beach ball into a basket
2016-01-17 11.03.05

Hit a dummy's head with a mallet (the dummy was wearing those helmets that J10 and Q9 are wearing!). This is J10's favorite thing at the museum.
2016-01-17 11.30.10 (1)

Moved objects with our mind (my favorite thing!)
2016-01-17 11.40.33 (1)

Went in a hurricane tunnel. The wind went up to 80 MPH:
2016-01-17 13.20.06

Played in rubber pellets. Q9 even stuck her head in. Pellets stuck in her hair. Ew.
2016-01-17 14.57.12

And ate frozen yogurt:
2016-01-17 13.11.51

All good.

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