Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hike on the C&O

Sunday morning we woke up and told the girls we were headed out for bagels and a hike.

You'd think that we'd suggested we were going to go dumpster diving wearing only flip flops. But we went anyway after a LOT of screaming, moaning, threats.

And they enjoyed it. C11 took pictures, and Q9 provided commentary. There were a number of signs telling hikers to stay away from the water, it was dangerous, you are likely to die if you fall in  (all true). SO ... we gave a little reminder of how to stay afloat if they did somehow manage to fall into the current -- keep your feet up, head up, keep your feet pointing downstream, try to paddle to the side and get out of the water. I think the following is one of C's stitched together photos ...


Q9 then became quite concerned that we all stay away from the water. kind of like what happened back in at Christmas 2010, when she was 4 and we walked along Lake Pontchartrain in Mandeville. No crying and pleading, but enough concern that TCR dubbed her Captain Cautious! Which she thought was a great moniker and I think I want to make the T-shirt.

When we got to a slow part of the river (a small island creating an area of dead water) Q9 said "The water looks so calm, but it's actually a murder scene" ... love it.

2016-02-28 09.06.53

Regular hike-y stuff. Q9 posing, C11 climbing over rocks while TCR tries to coax Lucy that she CAN go that way. Lucy did NOT want to cross that little stream. Luckily, we did not have to carry her over. She jumped an landed on her belly, but she did it.

IMAG2487 IMAG2488

Lucy feeling a little more confident.


And the girls, back on the C&O canal, on the way back. Love this picture.


Despite all the drama it took to get there, and the fact that the hike was super short, we had a nice time.

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