Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bike ride

C11 and her friend M11 and I took a bike ride to go to the bagel place in College Park. We biked there via Rt. 1, however, and I wasn't interested in doing that on the way home. I'm turning into one of those people (mothers) who is always worried about cars hitting her children who bike because her children can't bike in a particularly straight line.

Ug. Sorry, children. I really do try to let you do things you can do. But, cars, bikes, worries.

So, instead of taking Rt. 1 home we went around on the bike path, and C11 & M11 found the exercise stops, and wanted to do them all. It was kind of a hoot.

IMAG2516 IMAG2513

Videos! They wanted me to video everything. 


I've got to take these girls out again. It was a great bike ride, fun on the exercise equipment, and a bagel. What could be better? Oh, a stop at the bookstore would have made their day complete. It wasn't open, though.

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