Friday, April 15, 2016

Q9 becomes Q10 (happy birthday! A decade of awesome!)

Yep, she did it. She made it into double digits. Not like we actually thought she wouldn't. Unfortunately for her, she was sick and fever-y the two days before her birthday, and planned party, so she (she! not me) sensibly cancelled the party.

But we had a family celebration, cake, emotional meltdown, and gifts. All to be expected.

Actually, her actual birthday Q10 had a field trip to the science convention in DC. It was a giant convention for school kids with science stuff. It was pretty amazing. I chaperoned, and it was so incredibly disorganized, maybe because this was the first year our school went. The buses, the lines, the communication. All bad. I mean, we got there and got home, so that was good. But we probably could have seen and done more if we understood what actually was happening.

So, here are Q10 and S9 at the convention.

Then home and birthday. You'll notice two things. 1) Q10 is wearing a lovely crown that her friend S9 made her. Yes, Awesome is spelled wrong. And 2) she is wearing feathers and a feather boa. Stay tuned for the school play. She is AMAZING (Awesome, I mean Awsome, even).

And her cake was a white cake with whipped cream and strawberries and strawberry jam. It was 100% delicious. 

IMAG2573 IMAG2571

Anyway, we're pretty pleased that she's been with us for a decade. Our decade of Q has been wonderful.

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