Sunday, October 30, 2016

Amsterdam, Day 3 - Muiderslot Castle (Sunday)

Day three, Sunday October 30.

The goal for this day was to go to Muiderslot Castle. It was a train ride and then boat ride away. We got there early enough to have a little walk-along-the-seashore-and-then-have-a-coffee-or-hot-chocolate time, which was lovely.

You take the ferry over, a maybe 60 minute ride? on a long, flat boat, through a lock that brought us up or down about 6 cm, and out to the water. I do not have an adequate photo of the boat or water. 

This was our first view of the castle:

We took the guided tour, then did the self-service tour. Best part? The toilets and the battlements, of course


And then we walked the grounds, and they were lovely, as well. Really nice.



This was the view from the levy inside the castle:

Then on the boat again on the way out we saw a lot of tall ships. There was virtually no wind, so this regatta that was going on resulted in ships basically standing still. Dead in the water. They were moving at blistering speeds of about 10 meters per hour until they crossed the finish line and could turn on their engines.

This first one must have been in last place. It looked like a ghost ship from so far away.

These were all coming into the harbor as we were cruising out.

And this was us on the ship out!

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