Monday, October 31, 2016

Amsterday, Day 4, October 31

So. The 31st. We've gone to the book fair, TCR's bar and one restaurant, the Vondelpark ... and not yet Anne Frank house.  So we went to the Rijks Museum. It was an amazing museum. In honor of Halloween, I stepped on these mosaics. I mean I saw them. And stepped on them. And photographed them. They were in a square so I stood in the middle of them:

Actually, the whole museum was amazing. C11 was crazy pre-teenish during this museum, but still I enjoyed it. We just let her mope around. And then Q10 got a little tired. And me, too.

I really liked the Isaac & Rebecca (The Jewish Bride) painting by Rembrandt. It looks less impressive when you take a photo of it with your phone, but in person it was something.

 C11 really liked a lapis map. Q10 really liked a room with tapestries. TCR really like seeing the original Vemeers. They were pretty amazing.

After the Rijks museum, we hit the Anne Frank House again. It was 1:30, so I got in line, and TCR, C11, and Q10 hit the road to find me some fries. They came back and Q10 and I spilled them. Whoops.

No pictures inside the Anne Frank House, but it was a powerful place. And the video afterward was moving, as well. I'm glad we waited, even though it was a long, coldish wait. But, we had fries, so I am not complaining.

 C11 ... This is the same corner where we went to the cafe the day before when TCR went to the bar, but we were waiting for the restaurant to open, so I got a couple of photos.  C11 liked the houses. Me, too.

After this we walked over to one of TCR's favorite restaurants, next to his favorite bar. This was us waiting to be seated. Called ... Lieve. Lieve means "dear" in English.

The restaurant gave you three choices ... Mamma's Kitchen (homestyle), Belgian Baroque, or Mrs. Bubbles, which all had different levels of choice, place settings, and price. The food was good. It was a fun place!!

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