Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July 3, 2018

We drove from Hanoi to Mu Cang Chai Eco Lodge in Nam Khat.

The drive was long. It was super hot.
We stopped here on the side of the road for water and to pee.

A & K on the side of the road                           
Drive some more. Stop for lunch at a place that looked like a garage. 

Inside also looked like a garage, and the bathroom was garage-level clean, Vietnam squatty style no toilet paper provided, no flush, no electricity. Handi-wipes come in handy again! But it apparently was also a place to cool down and relax in the mid-day heat. Because it was hot. Check out the men & women in the background just hanging out on a large platform.

My favorite dish here was the tofu and tomato. SO delicious!

Driving some more. We stopped alongside the side of the road to see the rice harvest.

We kept driving. Headed uphill, up mountain. Here's the view of the valley - panorama. With M's hand and phone on the left, I think!

Then we got there ... and they let us out so we could walk to the Eco Lodge.

This is where the Hmong people live. 

Here were our rooms

At the Eco Lodge we had dinner. We look like a sitcom. 

Favorite dishes of the evening, and pretty much all time. Pork yummies (Should that be the official name) and the merliton that we dipped in chopped peanuts.

Then bed.

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