Wednesday, July 4, 2018

July 4, more in the mountains.

The weather was cool. Cooler than I expected. Deliciously cool.

This was the view from M & my's window in the morning.

This is the view from our other window.

M & I took a walk, just down the road.  It was as green as Ireland.

And then breakfast and our 17 KM hike. Which we shortened to maybe 15 KM. We were still exhausted at the end.

A & K are doing their best to look bored. Success!

I want to dump in all the photos. But I'll try to be slightly selective. The scenery was just - wow.

We came from the right, and headed around to the left and then back down the valley ... Here at the apex of the curve.

We were tired, hot, a little wet, hungry, thirsty, and at least one of us needed to use the bathroom.

On the way back to the Eco Lodge we stopped at a hot spring spa. It was HOT. K and A are acting all chill like this was nothing but my feet were scalded, there way no way I could have gotten all the way in!!! This was the 2nd pool we stopped at. The first one (just over there to the right rear) was even hotter).

So cool.

ON the way back to the Eco Lodge we stopped. This seems a good photo of Hmong homes.

I only barely remember this dinner, but I do remember the soupe because A didn't eat it because it had dairy in it. I think we were tired.

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