Saturday, March 16, 2013

Talent show: New talent

Springtime is talent show time!

2013-03-16 09.16.59

As you recall, C8 did the talent show in first grade as the human almanac, and in second grade talking about dogs (after a brief flirtation with Pearl Harbor). This year she decided to play the piano.

I was a little skeptical since she's only taken piano since September, and there were two other girls who were also doing piano who had been taking piano lessons since 2011. And I didn't want C8 to get shown up. But of course that didn't matter, what mattered was that C8 wanted to do the talent show, and she had a goal, and a piece in mind: Für Elise. Well, aim high. And she did great.

And last night, February 15, was the show. Here she is. Again, a bit long.

Q6 sat on my lap the whole time, and when the kindergarten student did her piece on the piano, she sat with her back full at the audience, so she couldn't see us at all. I think this gave Q a little encouragement, because at that moment she said, "Maybe I can do a piece next year, too." and since then she's been thinking about it. I'm going to encourage her to sing and play, because that is what she does at home.

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