Friday, November 1, 2013

End of October

The end of October brings Halloween and Halloween activities. Q7 got a few more than C9 this year because HES cuts the fun off for kids over 2nd grade.

So, first, the pumpkin patch! The 2nd graders (and K and 1s) walked down to the park to "pick" a pumpkin from the field. Not really like a real field, but fun never the less.


We took Lucy Dog to the dog park for a dog Halloween party. See, she has a bandana around her neck. But the whole thing was horrible. Too many people, too many dogs.


The 2nd graders (and K & 1s) also got to do a parade on Halloween. Not a Halloween Parade as in former years (See here. And here. And here.) The kids made masks and paraded. They were cute. Q7 and H7 here, H7 is the awesome peacock, and Q7 is the fancy cat! They were all wearing red because it was wear red day to thwart drugs or something like that.


The actual night of Halloween came, and we'd finally gotten costumes together. C44 took C9 to the thrift store to buy some purple items so she could be Marcia Overstrand, the ExtraOrdinary Wizard from the Septimus Heap series. She got a rather large purple sweaterdress and a purple scarf that we converted into a cape. I'm sure nobody knew who she was, but she was who she was.


And Q7 wore a horse costume from a friend who was a cowgirl. Cute!


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